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07/19/134637 NE 26th Ave furniture staging
05/18/13Timo's Vernonia Karaoke Bachelor Debauchery
04/07/132012 Paintings: Small Wax Works
08/18/12To Yakima and Back by Bike
05/30/12Transit of Venus 2012 submission
03/13/12Twenty eleven period bookmark project list update
03/02/12Klickitat Rails to Trails via Hood River
01/12/12Kaiju Aprons: Foes of Gamera
10/23/11Three ducks come to an end
09/14/11New York City
08/20/11Crater Lake Cascades Bike Tour
09/07/11The Divers, 35"x24" oil on board
08/14/11Promontory Park Pontooneration
07/30/11Jes Y James Get Marweed
07/22/11Cape Lookout to Nestucca River
07/10/11Lower Falls Lewis River and Lava Canyon
07/03/11Tres de Shitface Plus
06/15/11Ainsworth Park Overnight
05/28/11Eastern Oregon Loop by Bike
01/18/11Twenty eleven period bookmark project
11/25/10Thank Stevenson
10/29/102nd Annual Pumpkin Meat Stabbing & Cutting Affair
09/18/10Francoeiros Wedding Art
08/10Some August Stuff
07/25/10Puth-Park Wedding
05/18/10Encaustic Paintings 1st Session with Ryan
04/04/10Cathlamet Ferry Firehose: 24"x24" oil on board
03/05/10Project Iridium II
01/18/10The Scream St. Johns: 9"x12" oil on mounted canvas
12/26/09Central CA coast
10/31/09To Astoria for Halloween
10/03/09Studio Maroon... done at last
08/23/09Cascades Scenic Byway Bike Tour
08/21/09Crater Lake
07/31/09Tour of the Winos
07/24/09Weekend on the Clackamas River
07/03/09Gifford Pinchot Fourth of July
05/22/09Bike trip to Newport, OR
01/28/09King birthday: 7"x9" acrylic on board
12/12/08Selected Photos from Spain and Morocco
12/12/0818 Postcards from Spain and Morocco
07/13/08Stuvak Wedding!
06/24/08Portland to Eugene
04/25/08Joshua Tree Junket
03/23/08Bishop Spring Break, or Benish Learns To Ollie
03/15/08Ian's Bachelor Bender to Stevenson, WA
03/08/08Hood River Ice Shoeing
02/29/08Anna's 9th Birthday con Pinata
12/30/07Vegas and Red Rocks
12/14/07Baja California Sur
11/03/07Verboort Sausage and Kraut Fest
10/27/07Halloween Party Pics by David King
07/27/07Clackamas River Bike Camping
06/15/07Custom Ortlieb Pannier Artwork
06/15/07Silver Falls Bike Camping
05/25/07Bike Trip To Cape Disappointment
05/04/07Portland To Eugene Bike Trip
04/13/07Bike Themed Coasters for Filmed By Bike V Raffle
03/24/07Bishop Spring Break
12/17/06Hawaii - Oahu Trip
10/06/06The Holy Rollers Go Bowling
09/30/06Ferry and Air Museum Bike Trip
09/16/06Bishop Summer Break
09/08/06North Coast Bike Tour
09/02/06R.U. Alienesque?
07/28/06Government Island Campout
06/26/06Gorge Bike Tour
04/14/06Bike Themed Coasters for Filmed By Bike IV Raffle
04/02/06Blood of Asian or Alien: 17.5"x25" oil on mylar fabric behind window
03/25/06Bishop Spring Break
03/18/06Radical Cheerleaders for Peace 3rd Anniversary
02/09/06Bennett Snopark Fun
02/06/06City Series 1 Coasters
02/06/06Asian Card Style Coasters
02/05/06Eli and David's Talent Show Birthdays
12/10/05Seaweed Creep
12/10/05Birthday Weekend At Pacific City
10/01/05Cabin Fever at Wenatchee
08/16/05Dinner at Wildwood and Tanner Park
08/14/05Hop-a-long the Bridgepedal 2005
07/23/05Iron Artist III - Team Midnight!
06/18/05Ayleen's Island Birthday Party
06/18/05Klickitat River Trail and Fruit Loop
06/09/05Oregon Coast Bike Tour With Amy
05/24/05The Spirit of 2047: 44"x23" oil on cabinet board
05/04/05Tumoresque: 24"x38" acrylic on cabinet board
05/01/05Pretty Dress Ride '05 documented
04/15/05A coupla shots from Filmed By Bike III
02/19/05Room(s) for rent
02/11/05Valentine's At Sunriver
02/09/05Studyinstudy: 5.3"x7.3" oil on masonite board
02/05/05B&K: 23"x28" oil + steel on wood cabinet
01/18/05A trip above Portland
12/25/042004 Holiday potluck at Sang's
12/06/04Posted: photo albums from Europe 2004 trip
10/31/04At Jon’s for Halloween ’04
10/13/04The Radical Cheerleaders Get Out the Vote at Livewire
10/10/04Bathtub: 20"x24" oil on canvas
10/03/04The Radical Cheerleaders Rock for Peace and Justice
10/02/04Asian or Alien
09/30/04Dressing Up For Last Thursday!
06/30/04Yet another deck
05/03/04Je visite a chez Matt a Colorado.
04/07/04Chalkosaurus rules.
03/23/04Obey Tonia!
01/15/04Selected class figure paintings 2003
01/15/04Class figure drawings 2000-2003
11/22/03Pre-Holiday Cocktail Party Pics by Steve
11/22/03Pre-Holiday Cocktail Party Pics
10/19/03Sang stuns Smith Rock scene in his fabulous fall climbing outfit.
10/12/03Duplex for rent
10/04/03Jon's Gift Party Weekend
05/24/03Dennish Wedding, B&W shots
05/24/03Dennish Wedding, digital shots
04/18/032003 Kirkuk Oilers
04/12/03PDX radical cheerleaders at the peace rally
04/06/031995.5 Audi S6 Avant, sold!
03/23/03Sang busts out the special "Tangerine Dream" roadtrip outfit.
03/23/03Boulering trip to Joe's Valley, UT
03/15/03Mar peace rally in SF
03/05/03the quackpot accessorizes!